After you sign up, you can access the application from your initial log in page.

SyncChannel Basics

SyncChannel provides a simple inventory management system which syncs with eCommerce channels. Currently, only shipstation is supported.

Users can add and manage their inventory items via the inventory page. You can manually add inventory items or import in bulk with CSV or excel.

Once you add a "channel" and an API configuration, SyncChannel will automatically import products and orders.

Inventory Items must be mapped to Channel SKUs (products imported from shipstation). These mappings allow SyncChannel to adjust inventory levels automatically as orders come in - and provide projections and analytics.

You can use "automap" or download suggested mappings to make this process easy. If your channel SKUs contain or are the same as your Inventory Item SKUs then automap and suggested mappings will take just moments. Otherwise, you will need to configure your Channel SKU-Inventory Item mappings manually or through CSV/Excel Imports on the Channels page under the mapping tab.

Basic Settings

You can access the settings page from under your username on the top right navigation bar in the application.

You can set a "Default Lead Time". Lead Time is used in generating projections. The Default Lead Time will be assigned to any Inventory Item created without their own specified lead time. When creating a Supplier on the "Inventory" Page under the Supplier tab, supplier-level specified lead time can be provided there. Inventory Item specified lead time will override any other lead times. Supplier specified lead time will override Default Lead Time, but not Inventory Item specified lead time.

Next Step - Channel Configuration