Channel Configuration

Channel Settings

You can access the settings page from under your username on the top right navigation bar within the app. (Ensure you are in the app and not on the SyncChannel website, where users can manage their name and subscriptions.)

  • Click "Add New Channel" to add a new channel. Choose Channel Type (shipstation) and input any Name you'd prefer for this channel. Click "Save New Channel" to finalize.

Once the Channel is added you can configure the API by clicking the "Config" link on the Channel row.

  • On this API Configuration Page, we can add a configuration which will sync the API from your channel.
  • Follow the on page directions to link your shipstation channel
  • You will need to add the API Key and API Secret in SyncChannel in the fields provided after clicking "Add Config"
  • Click "Save New API Configuration" to set the API Config. Orders and SKUs should begin importing shortly (within 1 hour).
  • If at anytime you need to Regenerate API Keys in shipstation you will need to delete this API Config and add a new one.
  • You will also need to delete this API Config and add a new API Config if your API Keys expire.

Important Settings:

"Track Inventory" -When enabled, this channel's orders will be counted against your Inventory. -Important! When this setting is changed, all old orders from this channel are set as counted. It will not affect Inventory for any old orders.

"Auto Map SKUs" -When enabled, SKUs matching Inventory Item SKUs directly will automatically map whenever a new product is imported from shipstation.