SyncChannel is a simple inventory management tool for eCommerce Sellers.

👋 Welcome

Welcome to SyncChannel Documentation. The information here will explain how SyncChannel works, and help you easily configure your settings and get up and running. SyncChannel is designed to boot up and go, and for the most part, users can sign up and get started on their own. But there may be a few settings or terms we use that may need explaining. You can find explanations here - all information is laid out in the easy navigation bar to the side.

🚀 Support

SyncChannel is here to help! Once you're logged into the app you will have access to reach out to our team for help on anything.

Let's get Synced and Selling!

⚒️ Features

We've got features! And more are added constantly - we're a growing app!

  • Mapping - Map your Channel SKUs to your inventory item. Including auto-suggestions.

  • Analytics - Track Sales, by Group, Channel, Store, Inventory Items and Channel SKUs.

  • Projections - Get Inventory Sales Projections and Recommended Orders.

  • Bulk Operations - Bulk download for your orders, SKUs, projections, mappings and more.

  • Feeds - Custom Inventory Item update imports. This feature is in beta currently and not available to all users.

PS. If you have a feature request, drop us a line!

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